Scene One


    *Brian walks into the interrogation room*

    “Why did you do it?” Brian asked

    “Does it matter why I did it? I mean it’s already out there.” Sands retorted.

    “Well, for one it could help us find out where you’re hiding all the NZT.”

    “Why didn't you just ask me that then?”

    “Evil bad guys like you won’t answer that question.”

    “Yet you told me why you’re asking me that question. That defeats the purpose.”

    “Stop getting me distracted. So, why won’t you tell us anything?”

    “Why should I? I could just say nothing and get out of here sooner or later. If you people actually get your act together maybe you can figure it out.”

    “That’s not very nice. In fact I might take that as a insult.”

    “Good. Now will you leave me be? I’d like to go to prison now.”

    “No, others need to speak to you. Hope you have fun. FYI, Rebecca is not happy.”

    *Brian exits, the interrogation room*

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