Town of Salem is an internet based game largely inspired by Mafia and/or Werewolves. This is a Murder Mystery.

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Night and Day Edit

The game is split into two major sections: Night, and Day.

Night Time Edit

At night, any role with a night ability may perform that action. This time is typically when the most deaths occur, as all roles, including killing roles, may only use their abilities at night.

However, some roles don't have night abilities and just hope to not be attacked.

Day Time Edit

During the day, everyone can talk about what has happened during the night. The main reason behind daytime is the voting and lynching process.

Discussion Edit

Discussion is were you discuss who is evil. Investigative roles can say who was evil when they investigated them.

However, discussion is not only useful to the town, but to the evil roles as well.

A Jester will find this a good time to stir up guilt to get himself lynched, and an Executioner will find this a good time to get people to hang his target.

Voting Edit

Voting is when you vote against a player to be put up on trial. After being voted up, a player will be asked to give his defense. Defense is when the player tries to convince or trick the town he is innocent.

Lynching Edit

Lynching is when the town decides whether or not to hang the player, or put him of trial by voting guilty, innocent, or simply abstain. Abstaining is just when you don't vote.

Town vs. Mafia Edit

The goal of the game differs based on what role you are dealt at the start of each round.

Town Roles Edit

Town roles are considered 'good' and exist to remove the mafia and evil neutrals from the game.

Mafia Roles Edit

Mafia roles are all 'evil' and are there to kill, or rid of the town.

Neutral Roles Edit

Neutral roles all have vastly different goals.

Jester - Be hanged

Executioner - Hang your target (The target always is a town member.)

Witch - Live to see the Town lose

Serial Killer - Kill all Town and Mafia members

Werewolf - Kill everyone who isn't a werewolf

The Werewolf is a true threat, going through night immunity, however can be killed by a Veteran on alert or a Bodyguard protecting his prey, should the town survive.